Sound Therapy and Holistic Massage

Sound therapy is an alternative therapy that has been known to help many people with various problems that occur in everyday life, and can help eliminate stress, sleep deprivation, depression, anxiety, repetitive strain injury, blood pressure and many other areas. It is a non contact therapy purely used with sound and not words. The treatment involves a combination of Tibetan bowls, voice, and crystal bowls with grounding tools. Holistic massage therapy is a type of massage designed to meet the needs of the person receiving it as a whole. It can also help treat many of the same symptoms and problems that sound therapy alleviates.

Sound therapy works on all levels of your health and well being. in working with the BAST method it has been shown over 22 years of research to do this by using certain playing techniques and instruments in specific ways. it is based on an ancient therapeutic practice of using sound and music for healing.

As more research is done we discover more about how the brain and body react to different sounds in different ways.

The sound works with your chakra system,¬†entrains the brain into ‘Optimum Healing frequency / Alpha Theta Boarder’ a state where it can switch off, allowing your body and mind to relax, heal, readdress and re balance any areas needing work. ¬†This also addresses the body’s blue print which we all have, if this is out of sink and we don’t deal with those imbalances we gradually become out of line with ourselves and start to experience disease, through physical, mental and emotional symptoms. Sound can help to redress these imbalances through entrainment, allowing out blue print to mend and re balance itself.

It has for many people released a lot of unwanted thoughts and emotions, the symptoms of which are more often than not shown on a physical level through tension and /or ailments. These can also be released if deeper work is needed. Holding patterns from deeper undressed areas of life, spiritual awareness are areas that can be enhance and released. Anxiety, managed depression, panic, sleep deprivation, high stress levels are some of the areas that sound can work on.

Though we as therapists can never promise a cure, we do know from our own experience and that of others that sound therapy has worked for a lot of people so, if you think this kind of treatment will work for you please use the contact details given.