Holistic Massage

Holistic massage is designed to meet the needs of the person receiving it as a whole. When working with a client, it is not just a massage given on a superficial level, but is catered for the personal needs of the person receiving it.

Massage not only helps us on a physical level but it can also help to calm mental and emotional states of being. Holistic massage uses a combination of strokes that can either relax or invigorate you. Many people come for massage because they hold physical tension in their body and need this to be released. Some may come for stress relief or pain relief or both.

When giving a treatment in holistic massage, I believe that it is very important that the client is never bodily exposed in areas of the body that are not being massaged at the time. The client should remain fully covered during the sessions that they do not feel in any way vulnerable or exposed. Comfort for the client is taken very seriously. This includes the way a person is comfortable when lying, the right depth of massage, plus warmth and pillows used where the client feels they are needed.

Holistic massage is not just a series of strokes used for one thing only, but is also used for people who may be suffering from illness relating to stress, fatigue or terminal conditions. Within the treatment, gentle holds and lighter strokes can be used for people suffering from physical pain due to illnesses such as fibromyalgia, RSI or chronic fatigue syndrome. If lighter strokes are used then the quality of touch is never compromised and still works on a deeper level. It can also be used to calm and energise the client if needed.

Holistic massage is designed to help with all of these and more. It can be adapted for people with illnesses that could be caused by imbalance in the body systems, or for women in pregnancy who may find time out beneficial.