Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage by

Hot Stone Massage by

If you are looking for a massage that relieves sore muscles and gives you a deeper relaxation, then read on, this may be for you…….

This type of massage is specialised in the use of hot stones that come from volcanic lava. They retain healing properties that help the promotion of relaxation, health and wellbeing and release of toxins in the body. They can be used on pressure points to alleviate tension that has gathered in problem areas and then used to relieve pain and stress.

The stones are an extension of the use of hands that can be used for deeper tissue work for added depth and pressure if needed.

This quick massage treatment method is the perfect way to relax if you experience chronic muscle soreness and tension that is being aggravated by a stressful job, or general emotional tension or bad sleep. Along with relieving tension, hot stone massage can help to promote good sleep, relieve pain related to autoimmune disease, boost immunity, and even decrease cancer symptoms like fatigue, nausea, depression, and pain.

Many techniques are used in hot stone massage  but I will use the stones to warm and relax the body on areas agreed on before start of treatment. Continual warmth will be applied to the areas for muscle relaxation while other areas of the body are being worked on. This way, the heat will alleviate some tension before the stones are used fully on the areas needing work. The stones will not be placed directly on the skin when used in impassively in this way, they will be placed over the towel covering you and covered again to keep in the warmth.

Many people find the heat and extra way to go deeper with relaxation so if this appeals to your senses then come and book a session.