House Clearances with Sound

Like our Bodies and minds, our houses can get blocked and stagnant too. Using sound can help to clear any stagnant, blocked and unwanted energy in your home. Using cleaning mists, smudge sticks, incense of lemon grass and sage with the use of sound I establish where the blocked energies are with tingshaws throughout the house. I will establish from the owner what is going on for them and what they have felt during the time they have been there. I will then use a structured sequence to clear the areas needed in your home.


  • establish from owner what is going on, where they feel anything in the home
  • bearing that in mind – use the tingshaws around areas stated and the rest of the home establishing energy blocks
  • use cleaning mist, smudge sticks, burn incense of sage and lemon grass
  • using Himalyan bowl with a clear high frequency to further clear the space/s
  • incorporate use of over toning and high vowel sounds with bowl too start shifting stagnant and blocked energies.
  • using voice solo to further shift and stablise energies
  • incorporate crystal bowl to clear out unwanted stagnant energies
  • using crystal bowl solo to further clear and make energy lighter
  • Light candle.

Our houses are an extension of ourselves, we spend at least half of our lives in them and at least 8 hours per day are spent sleeping in them. Energies maybe blocked from past owners and or tenants, someone may have died, suffered from an illness or been generally blocked in their own lives. either way, whatever happens to us and whatever affects us as people rubs off onto our surrounding environments. we are in printed onto our homes. Just as we can rub off negatively onto other people, if we do this in our homes the bad energy lingers. just as chemicals and pollution linger in the atmosphere, so does bad energy.