Sound and Massage as one

Unique and different

Sound and massage as one 

I am trying something new

If you are interested in trying new things then this may be something you would enjoy.

I am offering sound and massage incorporated into one treatment.

It will be predominantly a massage treatment with sound as an enhancement to further and deeper relaxation during the session.

It will also allow you to experience sound as something you can have as a main treatment if you like what you hear.

NOTE – it will be agreed beforehand on the type of massage you want, need and whether you would like the bowls to be placed physically on your body – this is an option.

This will take one hour and 30 minutes. 

At the start you will have 15 minutes of Himalayan bowls being played, this will introduce sound to your system and start to relax you on all levels. I can also place these on your body so you can feel the vibrations and frequencies going through you. By doing this you will get an appreciation of how sound can work with your body’s energy system whilst sending you into a deep relaxation before your massage.

After the massage which can be any of the ones I offer, you will experience some crystal bowls being played. These will be played in intervals to uplift your mood and keep you in a safe space whilst clearing your system further and taking you deeper into relaxation and tension release.

Come and try it you may be surprised at what you find