Mantra Therapy

Mantra has been used for years by Buddhists, Hindus, Monks, different cultures in India and many paths of Yoga use mantra for their own use.

It has been used to entrain positive thought within the mind, and after repeating a particular mantra for a course of 108 times it can start to retrain or reprogram the brain into thinking and feeling more positively about any given thought or situation.

Mantras have been used for all kinds of reasons. General healing, healing for specific purposes, bringing people out of deep trouble i.e. illness in the body and or mind, removing obstacles  in your life, blocks in your thinking, changing thought processes, removing physical pain, raising you out of depression realigning the chakras and much more

Mantra therapy deals with all the above and any other area that you may be suffering form. You may suffer from anxiety and wish to feel calmer, or you may be suffering from chronic fatigue and want to address the lack of sleep and other reasons that many be causing this, or you may just want a safe space to relax and unwind. What ever the reason we can work together to address the problem.

A treatment in mantra therapy works to open and align you with the universal source, then deals with the intricate part – the problem you came with, and then wraps you in a peaceful space where you can be soothed after intense work. You will be given aftercare when the treatment ends and mantras to do in your own time.