Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing is a spiritual practice; it is based upon the belief that healing has a spiritual dimension. An experience that has caused a shock to our mental physical or spiritual selves would benefit from Shamanic Healing.  A Shamanic Practitioner will support an individual, a family, or community, to rediscover their connection, feeling a renewed sense of joy and beauty within their environment.


Soul Retrieval has been practiced for hundreds of years within many different cultures.  Extraction is sometimes called for when we need to release a familiar energy or pattern that no longer serves us. We seek to establish a better understanding of our past so that we can live in the present and become the best version of ourselves.


The Shamanic Healing journey may be a process we take when we are ready to look deeper into our own psyche.  It is a restructuring of personal beliefs, and for many more it is a feeling of returning home. A welcome home through ceremony, drum journeys, making a deep connection with oneself again.


If this resonates with you? If you feel a deep connection to an older way of healing? If you feel there is an aspect of your life that you don’t feel able to change? If there is something in you that has been stuck for years or that there is a part of you that is missing then you may wish to explore Shamanic Healing?  You may just be curious and want to feel in  general a sense of balance. Whatever the reason, the benefits are usually very powerful. It can be like the layers of an onion. Peel them back enough, and you will find a hidden jewel.


When my journey began five years ago I experienced some strange but wonderful things. Some were painful. Some, very uncomfortable. Some were scary but others, they were magical. Without a shadow of a doubt, my experiences were real and I know this much, it works. Physical lower back pains went completely after years of annoyance. As I changed so did things and life around me. There have been numerous times in the last five years where this has been evident. Milestones were reached and a deep knowing of change was tangible. If you wish to explore this for yourself then please see my contact details.