Sound Baths

Are you in need of some relaxation? Do you feel tired and run down? Do you the need to get rid of some physical, mental and emotional stress? Do you feel the need for some you time and sanctuary? Would you like to feel re-energised? Or would you just like to have the chance to experience something new?

Receiving a sound bath can give you the chance to leave all those stressful worries behind you and leave you feeling energised, relieved, lighter on all levels, ready to face the world again and the more relaxed for it.

A sound bath is where a group of people experience a different variety of sounds created from Himalayan Tibetan bowls, Crystal bowls and voice. These instruments are used in such a way that the receiver will hear a variety of dynamic sounds, tones and melodic sequences that may affect him/her in all the above and maybe more. The sound bath is designed to be therapeutic, creating a safe space for healing of the mind, body and spirit to take place if needed, or it could generally up lift and give you the feel good factor.

Sound works on a very subtle level, it can create balance both mentally, emotionally, spiritually, e.g. melodic intervals can be used to alter your mood in a positive way. You may even be inspired in your personal life. Sound has also been known to reduce physical symptoms of every nature, such as R.S.I, arthritis, back ache and many more.

These are group sessions lasting for about one hour where people can experience the healing effects of sound.  They are set for general relaxation, stress releasing, cleansing, head clearance, recharging energy and deeper healing if needed.

As in a treatment, the same instruments would be used.  The only difference would be that the healing process would be for the general benefit of everyone in the group and so would not be specifically centred towards the balancing of an individual’s Chakra system.

During the session you will experience the sound of Himalayan bowls, voice and crystal balls with grounding tools at the end. The sounds are used far more fluidly and melodically in the group, and the structure can be far more flexible than the set structure of private treatment. It is also a lighter way of experiencing sound healing – you can go as deep as you like and take from it what you need and may not seem as daunting as a treatment which works on specific goals and areas of challenge and, as a rule, goes a lot deeper than a sound bath.

No one experiences is the same and different people have expressed different sensations ranging from feeling completely re-energised, to feeling heavily relaxed and sleepy. Some have had headaches beforehand which have disappeared at the sessions end, and some have had energy shifts which have released something on a deeper level.