Sound Therapy Treatment

A case study will be taken at the beginning and a feed back session at the end of the treatment to enable the client to air anything they need to. Other than this there is no exchange of conversation during the session. There is also no physical contact.

We will also take an account of areas needing to be addressed and this will be a two way process between client and therapist through a method called ‘The construct’. How this works will be made clearer at the beginning but it is a method used to explore and get down to where the present health situation or problem comes from. It is also very person centered, allowing the client to explore this for themselves while the therapist holds the right space in order for them to do so.

The treatment starts off with the chosen instruments i.e. Mantra/voice, drum or mixed used of Himalayan and crystal bowls, voice and grounding tools. .Once the areas of work needing treatment are established, a brief explanation of the connection for each chakra to be worked on will be given to you before the session begins.

If the mixed method is used, the treatment will go in four stages. Himalayan bowls, voice and crystals  will be used for this and grounding tools will be used at the end in order to ground you back into your body. You will hear transitions from each instrument to the other and in the voice section you will be aware of vowel sounds and over tones been used.

If the Mantra or Drum is used then there will be a similar pattern where Mantras, or different drum beats are used for different things depending on what you are working on. There will be an alignment / introduction of sound to your system, the main body, where we work on the area chosen, and the salve at the end where you are allowed to process and reground yourself.

The treatment is designed for brain entrainment into ASC, Altered State of Consciousness where all peripheral information is switched off, this way your mind can turn inward to address the areas needing attention, and your body’s blue print can start to re align itself. When this happens, any symptoms you are having will disappear in time as the blue print balances out

The treatment, which ever method you are having can make you feel very spaced out, and if driving home after a treatment you will need to be fully grounded. This will be thoroughly checked before leaving.