I was very sceptical when I first went to have a treatment so as I lay there I started to feel my pain melt away and realised that the sound does work. Viv Harrison

I tried the sound therapy as something new to help calm my nerves but I went thinking that it was going to be ineffective and realised during the course of the treatment that I was wrong. I felt the sound working on my Bass Chakra and the treatment completely calmed me down I also felt the after effects during the next week. Alley Stubbs

I went with an open mind but I am the worlds biggest skeptic. I found the experience like nothing I have experienced before. The sensation was like experiencing the aurora boriarlis that the best way I can describe it. It gave me a sense of complete peace and over the next week I could remain clam in situations that would normally wide me up. John Bough

I found the Mantra Therapy very powerful. The mantra and sound of the voice went right through my chakra system and I could feel the vibration working up and thorough my body. It was tangible and I felt a powerful sense of healing and peace, taking me away from my present situation. I was transported to another space covered by purple light and found the whole experience really worked for me. Anya Kristionson.

When I first came to the sound bath I had a headache and by the end of it my headache had disappeared. I was really grateful for the soothing sounds of the voice and crystal bowls. Ann

I loved the sound bath experience I could really feel the resinence of the instruments and voice. It took me away on a journey and the whole structure and sequence of the experience wa beautiful. Micheal

I was affected more so after the sound bath had finished. It brought up all sorts of things for me including powerful emotions. I had a huge amount of anger build up but realised that this just needed to be released and the sound bath had been a trigger for that. It all desolved very quickly and I felt at peace. Amanda Duvel

I was sold to this straight away. I always find that I am taken on a journey and find the sounds, especially the voice very powerful. I am always left feeling very spaced out and hungry after a sound bath but always very relaxed and refreshed. Katherine Armatage

I was blown away by my first experience of a sound baths. I couldn’t express how much I felt and what was going on for me. I found the whole experience hugely powerful and restful and as I have trouble sleeping I felt exhausted but in a good way. I was taken on a very vivid journey throughout the sound bath. Reg

I loved the voice section it really worked through me and felt a sense of restfulness and healing.I found the voice very soothing. Juliana

I loved the voice section it felt supportive, healing, soothing restful and like a lullabye. Audrie.

I felt a lot of physical sensations and at times very heavy as though I couldn’t move. I went hot and cold and was very soothed by the voice. Lucia.

I was very haunted by the voice section particularly and found that the whole session relaxed and rested me. I forgot that I had a body almost and coming back was a strange sensation. I almost felt detached from it for a moment until I was properly grounded at the end.

Bobbie Campbell sound bath 22 July Cranliegh House

Absolutely wonderful experience, Zara’s singing is other worldly and I could feel the energy from the sound reverberating through my body